Hi, welcome to BBQLogos.com (aka hotspotgraphics.com).  My name is Patrick Carlson.  I have been drawing cartoons since I was in elementary school.  I began making money from my work when I was in college.  I worked for several screen printers creating designs for college fraternities and sororities.  From there, I went into church ministry and middle school education, while cartooning on the side.


In 2004, I quit teaching to pursue my cartooning career full-time.  Since then, I have created thousands of cartoon characters and designs for people and businesses all over the world.  Not only do I do BBQ designs for teams and restaurants, I illustrate children's book, t-shirt designs, and create cartoon characters.


My work has been seen in restaurants all over the country and on TLC's BBQ Pitmasters and Chopped television shows.